First Class Wire Rope For Lifting And Maritime

wire RopeWire ropes are made of multi-layer steel wire twisted into shares, then to rope core as the center by a number of strands twisted into a spiral. It mainly plays a role in improving, traction, tension and carrying. The rope has high strength, light weight, steady work, strong and difficult to break and reliable working.

We are the high-performance stainless steel and galvanized wire rope manufacturer from China and specializing in wire rope, crane ropes and rope sling. We offer a complete range of lifting products also including chain pulley block, lever hoist, chain hoist and oil drilling ropes, and other related products, for example, high tensile spiral rope net for rock security barriers. Our products have the advantage of long life, high strength, shock and abrasion resistance. And we provide superior delivery, packaging and technical service. Thus, our customers over the world recognize the value of our products. Our customers are mainly in construction and mining, oil and gas, fishing and marine, forestry and utilities, ski lifts and bridges industries.

Our steel wire ropes provided by use of suitable corrosion inhibitor grease or oil, are supplied in sturdy treated wooden reel, and wrapped with polythene paper of suitable rust & moisture protection. We have a large inventory of quality wire ropes in a full range of diameters and constructions to meet needs and expectations of the market.

Hot products:
Steel wire rope with the sizes of 4000Ft 3/8 inch 6 × 19 Construction rolled in wooden reel and covered with plastic film inside and woven bag outside.
Hot dipped galvanized wire rope at 2.0mm/2.5mm/3mm/4.0mm, 1 × 19; 1.5mm 6 × 7 + SC, 20.0mm 6 × 37 + FC;
6mm/8mm galvanized wire ropes made from 49 wires means structure 7 × 7.
Stainless steel wire rope, AISI 304, construction 1 × 7 with 0.35mm, rope dia. 105mm, 500m/spool.
Bright wire rope 3.5mm/12.0mm/14.0mm 6 × 9 + FC/SC; 16.0mm 24 × 7 + 9 × 3 + SC.
Galvanised non-preformed aircraft wire 1.5mm/2.0mm 7 × 7 and 3.8mm/5.0mm 7 × 19.
16mm(5/8") 150 MTR 6 × 37 IWRC 1960 with hard eyes one end, other end plain for air winch.
Wire rope sling 3/4" × 4 MTR, soft long eyes on both end.
Wire rope sling 23 MTR × 1-1/2" or plus, soft long eyes on both ends(2ft) SWL 18.5T.
Safety sling 5/8" ×1.5MTR,soft eyes on both end.
rig tongs snub lines 1", 2.35 MTR, soft eyes 1.5ft long on both end.
Extension for air with 3/4" × 10 MTR, hard eyes both end.
2 Legs sling wire rope 9 MTR × SWL 20 tons, 2 legs W/ master link one end/ soft eye.
4 Legs sling wire rope 4MTR × SWL 20 tons, 4 legs W/ master link one end/ soft eye.
Stainless steel G 304 and G 316 double-lay wire rope for the weight lifting equipment, diameter of the central wire – 0.450mm, rope diameter from 7.0 to 10.9mm.
9/32", 7 × 19, breaking load 8000lbs galvanized wire rope.
3 strand twisted blue steel rope line with 3/16" diameter and good UV resistant treated, tensile strength at least 600kg, used for spear gun.

Hot Products

Supply wire rope fittings including shackles, wire rope clips, hooks, rigging screws, turnbuckles, thimbles, quick links, ferrules, expansion anchors.

Stainless steel wire rope 1×7, 1×19, 7×7, 6×19, 6×36, normally type 6×19+FC(IWRC), 6×37+FC(IWRC), 6×12+7FC, 6×24+7FC, 6×15+7FC, 1×7, 1×19. 2-6mm wire diameter.

Metric crane ropes are drawn galvanized available, for added corrosion protection, at same strength, regular or compacted strand. Metric crane ropes have the feature of super rotation resistance.

Wire rope slings - swaged soft eyes slings and Endless wire ropes slings as safety slings are often used for large load in mining industry.


Wire ropes is widely used in many fields due to various types and different materials. It is general used in elevator wire, oil drilling wire, aircraft wire and general engineering wire. Apart from the above, the rope can be applied in lifting, tape and balanced.