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Supply wire rope fittings including shackles, wire rope clips, hooks, rigging screws, turnbuckles, thimbles, quick links, ferrules, expansion anchors.

Steering wire diameter 26mm, construction RRL, IWRC & EIPS, wire type 6 × 26 -Min, breaking load 485KN, wire nominal tensile strength 1960N/mm².

Wire rope slings - swaged soft eyes slings and Endless wire ropes slings as safety slings are often used for large load in mining industry.

Metric crane ropes are drawn galvanized available, for added corrosion protection, at same strength, regular or compacted strand. Metric crane ropes have the feature of super rotation resistance.

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G. I. Wire Rope 6 ×12 + 7 FC, roll 6mm 8mm, clear PVC coated 100m per roll 4mm×6mm, 6mm×8mm, 10mm×12mm. G.I. Fiber Core 6 × 19 - 6mm.

Seven-wire steel strand diameter 7.9mm, tolerance on the nominal diameter of strand +0.4mm, nominal cross-sectional area of strand 37.4mm2.

Galvanized high carbon steel wire rope 0.66-2.92mm wire diameter, non galvanized high carbon steel wire rope 0.84-2.54mm wire diameter.

Lift Solutions for elevator components from door panels to complete elevator. Lift elevator wire rope must meet critical specifications for construction, hardness and tensile.

Stainless steel wire strands 1 × 7, Standard ASTM A475–EHS, diameter 3/8", Class A galvanized.

Stainless steel wire rope 1×7, 1×19, 7×7, 6×19, 6×36, normally type 6×19+FC(IWRC), 6×37+FC(IWRC), 6×12+7FC, 6×24+7FC, 6×15+7FC, 1×7, 1×19. 2-6mm wire diameter.

Wire ropes using in oil drilling are used as steel core wire ropes with IWRC as cores and with many strands. The cores of oil drilling wire ropes are fiber core, independent wire rope core.

Specialized wire ropes have two types: zine-plating wire ropes and bright wire ropes. Specialized wire ropes have the advantages of no stress, no relaxation less extensibility.

Surface mining wire ropes with high strength and high tensile are used in mining surface for lifting and security. The surface provide high security.

High strength galvanized steel guy wire 9.5mm diameter, strand diameter 7/3.15mm, galvanization 259gm/m2 As per ASTM B498-74, ultimate tensile strength 62.75KN.

Galvanized wire rope with 6×7+1 fiber core, diameter 2-13mm. Galvanized steel wire rope with construction 7 × 7 with T/S 1770 N/mm2 , Right hand regular lay, 0.8-5mm size.

Generally, stainless steel wire ropes and galvanized wire ropes are usually used in general engineering. They are used in lifting in cable way, ship, opening bridge, hoisting in inclined shaft.

Rotation-resistant wire ropes are different from standard wire ropes to reduce rope torque. Modes of failure and wear for rotation-resistant wire ropes can differ from those for standard wire rope constructions.

Underground mining wire ropes refer to steel wire ropes application in mining, oil exploration, elevators, Crane, fishing, construction. The wire rope types are full locked track rope and half locked guide rope.

Galvanized wire ropes, stainless steel wire ropes, PVC wire ropes. The wire ropes construction can be 7 × 19 and 7 × 7.

High tensile spiral rope net for security barriers, with rhomboid-shape mesh, 4.0mm wire, Zn/Al coating super coating for corrosion protection.

Low carbon wire rod 5.5/6.5mm SAE1008, 5.5mm SAE 1006, wore rod diameter 12.70-27.12mm. High carbon wire rod diameter 5.5mm-13mm.

Stores Stacker combines operating efficiency with maximizing the throughput per square meter of space, have a host of safety features to ensure total security in operation.

Chain pulley block with full specifications can match the needs of the job with a variety of trolley hoist suspenders. It can load equalizing suspension distributes the load to all wheels.

Lever hoist are widely used with wire ropes in maintenance, machine repair, construction, service, and manufacturing operations.

CB hand chain hoists combine a rugged exterior shell with machined interior components to handle your most demanding lifting operations.