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Stacker Cranes

The Stores Stacker Crane utilizes all available height of stores area. It can be designed to serve racks up to 15 meters height and more. Stores Stacker combines operating efficiency with maximizing the throughput per square metre of space. Suitable for today's competitive manufacturing, processing and distribution centers.

Rack supported warehouse can be built by cladding the racks externally from all the sides. Thus there is no need of constructing stress building.

The benefits are many:

Safety by design

The Vectura series has a host of safety features to ensure total security in operation. Safety braking is by hydraulic buffer as standard, with the option of the Safety Brake System (SBS) which enforces a predetermined speed curve for safe, fast travel in the aisle. A fall brake ensures total protection in the event of a lift cable failure.

Stacker Crane
Stacker Crane

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