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Chain Hoist

CB Hand Chain Hoist

1/2 through 100 Ton capacity

CB hand chain hoists combine a rugged exterior shell with machined interior components to handle your most demanding lifting operations. An efficient drive train minimizes manual effort, while double enclosed brake cover, standard slip clutch, and double pawl springs enhance performance and reliability.

Many Benefits From More Features:


  1. Chain container
  2. Corrosion-resistant chain
  3. Inspection hook

Capabilities to Count On:

CF Hand Chain Hoist

Hand Chain Hoist

1/2 through 5 Ton capacity

CF hand chain hoists give you a practical alternative thanks to an economical design using fewer parts for trouble-free service. Outstanding durability is due to a die-cast aluminum body and high-strength, heat-treated main pinion shaft and load gear. Pre-lubricated ball bearings, precision machined gears, and Weston-style load brake make lifting smooth and easy while allowing long service and low maintenance.

Many Benefits From More Features:

  1. Experience exceptional strength with a thick die-cast aluminum body.
  2. Handle tough demands with high-strength, heat-treated main pinion shaft and load gear.
  3. Get positive braking action with Weston-style load brake incorporating two moisture resistant brake pads with four braking surfaces.
  4. Minimize manual effort thanks to smooth running, pre-lubricated ball bearings, and precision machined drive train components.
  5. Simplify maintenance with fewer parts and an easy-to-work-on design.

Capabilities to Count On:

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